The 2014 Oregon Triple Crown is in the books. 83 determined cyclist attempted the challenge and 55 have earned the right to call themselves an Oregon Triple Crown finisher. These 47 men and eight women will be presented their exclusive Pactimo Finisher’s jersey at the Oakshire Public House on October 5th where Oakshire founder Jeff Althouse will treat each finisher to a fresh brewed Ale. The exclusive raffle open only to finishers features a wheelset from presenting sponsor Rolf Prima and the Klatch gravel racer frameset from Co-Motion Cycles.

   There are no shortcuts.   

Got what it takes?


dark:30 sports is committed to producing challenging premium cycling events.  In 2013 we unveiled the Oregon Triple Crown, an innovative series of only-in-Oregon cycling experiences.

The 2014 Oregon Triple Crown Series includes the long courses of three classic dark:30 sports events:  the Gran route at the Oregon Gran Fondo (June 1, Cottage Grove), the Alpine route at the Tour of Aufderheide (July 13, Westfir), and the Abomination route at the Oregon Coast Gravel Epic (August 23, Waldport/Yachats).

We will be recognizing those cyclists who commit now and are then able to finish all three of these courses in the 2014 Series.  By registering now (click the “Register Now” button below) you will receive special pricing on all three events an you will be automatically registered  to ride the long courses at all three events.  YOU MUST REGISTER BEFORE MAY 24, 2014 TO QUALIFY FOR THE SERIES.

These rides are among the most challenging in Oregon and require more than 290 miles of hard cycling and 21,000+ feet of climbing. Those who are up to the challenge of finishing all three long courses in 2014 Series win title, jersey and the lifetime benefits accorded Oregon Triple Crown Series honorees .  We reward and honor those who commit now and are then able to do the deed.

In 2013 this honor was bestowed upon six hardy cyclists who literally “rode their way” to distinction and a jersey very few will ever obtain. Is this the year that YOU can ride into yours?

Here’s what comes with registering by May 24, 2014 and completing the 2014 Oregon Triple Crown Series:

- A 2014 limited edition, custom-designed  Pactimo “Oregon Triple Crown” cycling jersey.  NOBODY gets this jersey unless they are confirmed finishers on all three of the long courses described above in the same calendar year.

- Your name listed (forever almost) on the Oregon Triple Crown “Wall of Honor” for each year that you win the coveted status of a three-course finisher.

- And last but not least, an annual invitation to the Oregon Triple Crown “inductees, alumni and partners-only” social hosted by Co-Motion Cycles, Rolf Prima and Oakshire Brewing at the Oakshire Public House in Eugene where new inductees are honored and presented their hard earned jerseys.

You think you’re tough, it’s time to prove it. Register now for the chance to earn your place in this elite group – and then start training – on the biggest, baddest, longest, hills you can find. In any weather, on any road, paved or not. Our hats off to you. Enjoy the journey ‘ cause you’ll never forget it.

And remember, you must registered (click the “Registration Now” button above) by May 24th to qualify for the Series.



OTC Jersey

You are looking at one of six 2013 Inaugural Oregon Triple Crown jersey’s known to exist in the world.


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